MA Series

The Axial Fans, used especially in the refrigeration sector, are suitable for use when reduced space is required with high air volumes and medium-low pressure.
8,5 W
0,057 A
100 m3/h
MA Axial Fans

Technical specifications

  • Motor protected by housing made of nylon 66 reinforced with fiber glass; ring can be of nylon, built into the motor housing (MAP or MAPS) or made of galvanized metal sheet, painted with epoxy powder (MAF or MAFS); both rings are available with faceted or whole external diameter.

  • Single-phase, 2-shaded poles type M12 motor, 130 “B” insulation class, impedance protected motor, CSV IMQ approved with IPX2 protection class, mounted on 2 silicone-lubricated ball bearings, ensuring long life, low noise operation and excellent performance even in extremely unfavourable temperatures.

  • Input power 230V/50 Hz = 9 watts.

  • Suitable for continuous operation in ambient temperature from -30°  C to + 40°  C.

  • Electrical connection (power + ground) using 3 2.8 x 0.5 mm male Faston-type connectors.

  • Aluminium Ø 96 mm. fan blade 4 26° blades, suction or blowing.

On request

  • Supply voltage 115V/60 Hz.

  • 3 x 0,75 mm three-pole power cables, with moulded plug and different lengths.

  • Built in compliance with UL-CSA standards.

  • Ø 96 mm fan blade made of nylon with fibreglass. 4 blades.

Dimensions mm

MAP 12
MAF 12

Typical curves