MIX Series

Liquid Stirrers are designed for stirring low-density liquids.
The very low noise and the completely insulated coil ensure optimal operation; the stirrer can be combined with submersible centrifugal pumps.
17 – 40 W
0,14 – 0,33 A
MIX Stirrer

Technical specifications

  • Single phase, 2-shaded poles, impedance protected motor, built according to the CE mark requirements, in compliance with EN 60335-1 standard, with self-aligning and self lubricating sleeve bearings with big oil reservoir.

  • Motor with minimum 130 “B” insulation class (155°C).

  • Motor coil winding with IP55 protection.

  • Driving shaft in AISI 304 – 303 stainless steel.

  • Electrical connection by means of three-pole cable of 1,00 metre length.

On request

  • Power cable of various lengths.

  • End-shields with “IP50” protection class.

  • Motor coil with IPX0 protection.

  • Supply voltage from 12V to 400V – 50/60 Hz.

  • Thermal protector or thermal fuse.

  • Fixing with small brass spacers.

  • Built in compliance with UL-CSA standards.

  • Version with double shield ball bearings (ZZ).

Dimensions mm