Brushless motors for many applications and in particular for refrigeration with IP65 insulation and Atex certification. The several control typologies make it an ideal tool for standard use and even for special applications.

5 – 18 W

0,21 – 0,75 A

85 – 370 m3/h

Motori Brushless

Technical specifi cation

  • Electronic motor with 24VDC alimentation.
  • Rpm feedback
  • Rotation setting
  • Insulation class F.
  • Suitable for continue use with temperature -20°C / +70°C
  • Electrical connection by cable length 100 cm
  • Motor shaft Ø 6 mm
  • Rpm setting through PWM 0-10 Volt @ 10kHz

About 80% energy-saving as compared to shaded pole motors.

The BL10 motor can be used for all the fans of our supply.

On request

  • Fixed rpm
  • RPM setting through 0-10 Volt signal
  • RPM programmable according to the load
  • Fixed sense of rotation
  • Different cable length
  • On request fi xed rpm
  • Possibility to set PWM with different voltage (3,3V/5V)


TF – BL10

Motori Brushless

FF – BL10

Motori Brushless
Brushless motors

Characteristic curves

Motori Brushless
Brushless motors
Brushless motors
Motori Brushless
Motori Brushless
Motori Brushless
Motori Brushless

ventilatori tangenziali Serie TF45

BL10 Series