CRT07 Series

Centrifugal Blowers are ideal for:
– Clean air or slightly dusty smoke (not abrasive) intake.
– Cooling in general.
They are used in all industrial applications where small air volumes are required with limited pressure.

16 – 32 W

0,12 – 0,25 A

60 – 91 m3/h

CRT07 Centrifugal Fans

Technical specifications

  • Single phase, 2-shaded poles, impedance protected motor, built according to the CE mark requirements, in compliance with EN 60335-1 standard, with self-aligning and self lubricating sleeve bearings with big oil reservoir.

  • Motor with minimum 130° “B” insulation class.

  • Suitable for continuous operation in ambient temperature from -10 °C to +50 °C.

  • Electrical connection by 6,3 x 0,8 mm, radial or axial, male faston-type connectors, directly fixed on coil.

  • Single suction Ø 74,5 mm impeller with forward curved constant thickness blades, made of black nylon reinforced with fiber glass.

  • Housing made of die-cast aluminium.

On request

  • Version with IMQ – CSV approved motor.

  • Motor with different powers and insulation classes: 155° “F” – 180° “H”.

  • Supply voltage from 12V to 400V 50/60 Hz.

  • Version with dual voltage and/or double speed.

  • Electrical connection by means of different cable lengths.

  • Motor coil winding with IP55 protection.

  • Aluminium impeller with forward curved blades.

  • Protection against dust and/or humidity.

  • Thermal protector or thermal fuse.

  • Built in compliance with UL – CSA standards.

  • Housing made of black nylon reinforced with fibreglass, CRTP072 code.

  • Version fitted with ball bearings.

  • Version built to customers design.

Faston position and electrical connection

Product Identification Code

CRT = aluminium housing.
CRTP = nylon housing.
TThermal protection:
T = thermal protector.
F = thermal fuse.
Blank = impedance protected.
1Coil winding code.
2RFaston position and type.
BBOn request:
BB = ball bearings on motor.
VROn request:
VR = fitted with cooling fan on motor side.
VAOn request:
VA = aluminium fan.
CMMotor cover.
230Supply voltage.
50Rated frequency.


CRT 07



Characteristic curves

CRT 07
CRT 072
CRT 073
CRTP 072

CRT07 Series